Systems and Control


Time and Location

  • winter semesters only
  • see LSF

Covered Topics

  • Introduction to control systems
  • Mathematical models of systems
  • Feedback control systems characteristics
  • The performance of feedback control systems
  • The stability of linear feedback systems
  • The root locus method
  • Frequency response method

Recommended Literature

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    Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems.
    Pearson Prentice Hall.
  • Norman S. Nise:
    Control Systems Engineering.
    John Wiley & Sons.
  • Richard C. Dorf, Robert H. Bishop:
    Modern Control Systems.
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  • Joseph J. Distefano, Allen R. Stubberud, Ivan J. Williams:
    Feedback and Control Systems.
    Schaum’s Outline Series, McGraw-Hill.
  • Z. Gajic, M. Lelic:
    Modern Control Systems Engineering.
    Prentice Hall.
  • B. P. Lahti:
    Signal Processing & Linear Systems.
    Berkeley-Cambridge Press

Further Information


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