Dynamics of Distributed Parameter Systems


Dr.-Ing. Ievgen Golovin

Zeit und Ort


  • At the end of this module the students are able to derive model equations for different types of distributed parameter systems. They will learn how to
    • derive analytical solutions,
    • provide a stability analysis,
    • design stabilizing control laws,
    • improve tracking behavior by flatness-based trajectory planning.
  • In the exercises that accompany the lecture the students apply the theory to improve their knowledge and skills.


  • Basics of functional analysis
  • Solution and stability analysis of distributed parameter systems
  • Modeling of distributed parameter systems
  • Modal control and linear optimal control
  • Energy and passivity based control
  • Backstepping control of distributed parameter systems
  • Flatness-based trajectory planning for distributed parameter systems

Zusätzliche Informationen

  • Ansprechpartner:
    Dr.-Ing. Ievgen Golovin
  • Lehrmaterial
  • Empfohlene Literatur:
    [1] D. Franke: Systeme mit örtlich verteilten Parametern, Springer, 1987.
    [2] C.D. Rahn: Mechatronic Control of Distributed Noise and Vibration - A Lyapunov Approach, Springer, 2001.
    [3] M. Krstic and A. Smyshlyaev: Boundary Control of PDEs: A Course on Backstepping Designs. SIAM, 2008.
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